Wilmington NC Rental Darkroom

We know that many of our customers aren’t just film shooters, they’re experienced photo lovers, longing for the hours spent in a darkroom to get the perfect print. Tired of waiting around for others to crowdfund their way into a public rental darkroom, we decided to just make it happen. Here at East Coast Film Lab, we have darkroom space available for rent by the hour.

Although we are still working out the specifics of our darkroom rental program, it is available for rent. You bring your own paper, we provide the chemicals, enlargers, trays, grain focusers, etc. Our darkroom is fully equipped to print any negative up to 4×5.

We currently feature a Beseler 45MX 4×5 motor-driven enlarger with various format holders (4×5, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9, 35mm, etc), along with a Beseler Dichro 67S and holders. We can accommodate simultaneous rentals, because even though we’re not the biggest rental darkroom around, at least we’re open and available. So bring your negs and a pack of paper and watch the magic happen all over again.

Contact us today to schedule a few hours of time in the rental darkroom and remember how easy it was to get lost in the magic of photography.

Darkroom rental for printing:  $10.00 per hour РBring your own paper

Darkroom rental for film developing: $15.00 per hour РWe provide stainless steel reels, tank, D-76 developer, stop bath, fixer and photoflo.  Just bring your film!