Pricing & Workflow

Traditional Foundation – Hybrid Workflow

At East Coast Film Lab, we’re redeveloping the film processing experience.  Until now, getting your film developed involved dropping off a roll of film and getting a set of prints, a CD with all the film scans and your developed negatives.  In many cases today, big box labs do not give you back negatives.  New computers and tablets do not have an optical drive option, so CD’s and DVD’s are out.   We believe the hybrid workflow provides the best quality and convenience while giving you a superior developed negative and digital scan.  We develop your film, scan each frame and then upload the entire roll (or rolls!) to your own secure online gallery.  As soon as your order is complete, we shoot you an email with the download link and you have access to all the images instantly, in most cases less than 24 hours. No more CD’s, no thumb drives, no hassles.  You can return to pick up your developed film later when you’re in the neighborhood, or if you want to just hang out with us!

C-41 Color Negative and B&W Hand Processing and Scanning

Process Only – No scans

35mm/120 :  $8.00

4×5 sheet: $4.00 each (minimum 2)

35mm/120 Process and Scan: $15.00 includes uploading full resolution images to your gallery

4×5 Process and Scan: $10.00 per sheet


35mm Film Already Developed Scanning Special

Do you process your own 35mm film at home and need great quality scans without the hassle?  Simply bring in your UNCUT roll of 35mm color or B&W film and we’ll scan it for you and upload it to your gallery for only $4.00.  This option is for 35mm film only and it must be in the original processed length.  Film cut single strips will not be accepted.

Unfortunately, we are no longer processing E-6 film, except under specific and sometimes miraculous circumstances.