Film Scanning Specs and Examples

Our lab uses two scanners depending upon the type and size of the film we process.

For 35mm color and B&W:  Pakon F135+

For 35mm Chrome, 120 (all formats and types), 4×5 Sheet film and any other non traditional film format (110, 126, 127, sprockets): Epson V800.

 120 Film color negatives/positives are scanned as 24-bit color @ 1800 dpi creating a 3700×3700 pixel image approximately from a 6×6 negative.  The JPEG file size is approximately 2.25MB per frame from a 6×6 negative. For B&W film, we scan as 8-bit grayscale @ 1800 dpi.

4×5 Sheet film is scanned at 1200 dpi, creating a 5400×4200 pixel image.

The Pakon scanner creates an output file of 3000×2000, “16 base”, equivalent to a 6MP digital camera capture.  Don’t let the size fool you.  The Pakon produces beautiful scans.

Examples are shown below of different film formats and the scanner used.  Click on each image to view it at the scanned resolution.

35mm: Kodak Plus-X 5231 : Pakon F135+


35mm: Kodak Portra 160: Pakon F135+

pakon scan 35mm

120-6×6 Negative:  Portra 400 scanned @1200 dpi



120-6×6 Negative: B&W Arista 100 scanned @ 1200dpi



120-6×6 Transparency: Fuji RDPIII Provia 100F



4×5 Sheet Film- B&W Arista 100 scanned @ 1200 dpi