East Coast Film Lab Standards

Beyond the Drugstore….

As labs around the country have closed, shut out by the corner drugstore and their one-hour service, the professional film shooter suffered a huge loss. Now that those same corner drugstores have “transitioned” to digital dry labs, opportunities to even have film processed have disappeared. Here at East Coast Film Lab, we’re bringing back the professional lab.

All our C-41 color processing of roll film is done by a Fujifilm Processor. Although these machines were often used in drugstore labs, they were rarely maintained properly, and Quality Control was often allowed to drift shockingly between service calls. We know, because we have veterans of the photofinishing industry running our own machine. But unlike the standard lab employee, our operators are certified in operation and maintenance, from cleaning the racks nightly to constant control strips, densitometer readings, and processor adjustments, so even the smallest shift is corrected immediately. When we process your roll tomorrow, it will have the same quality as every roll processed yesterday and the days and months before. We will not compromise on quality.

We give the same care and consideration to every roll of film we process manually, thanks to medical-grade temperature controls, continual logging of chemical use to predict exhaustion, precision agitation, and strict standards of perfection.