Color Film Processing C-41

East Coast Film Lab can process ANY C-41 roll film format, from 110 to 126, APS and 35mm, 120, 220, and sheet films up to 5×7. All roll film formats are machine-processed through a FujiFilm C-41 processor. Our machine┬áreceives nightly maintenance cleanings, with complete rack, tank and crossover procedures weekly. Quality control is maintained daily by our PMA-certified Photofinishing Engineers using fresh control strips measured on a fully-calibrated densitometer and plotted to track any deviation.

Unlike many send-out services available through major retailers, we process irregular (110, APS, etc) film the day it arrives, and it is scanned and uploaded immediately, with the gallery link sent to you. No more waiting three or more weeks to see results from a mystery processing clearinghouse, you can view your 110 and APS film in a matter of days, if not hours.

Sheet film is processed by hand with professional chemicals and even higher standards of perfection.

Ready to see how amazing your film can look when processed by a professional lab?